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Cross Border M&A Report

Effective Implementation of Cross-Border M&A

By Charles A Sheffield

Cross border acquisitions of US companies have become increasingly important over the last few years, especially as the overall volume of deals in the US continues to evaporate. European buyers have represented a significant portion of this cross border activity. However, successful deal-making across borders today requires more than just an expertise in the laws, economic conditions, cultural differences and "social issues" affecting the target company. The difficult and competitive environment in the current marketplace requires knowledge of the distinctive and sometimes complex characteristics of: i) deal terms and structures; ii) international financing techniques; iii) tax, valuation and accounting issues; iv) regulatory and government issues; and v) human resource issues.

This Executive Report explores the following topics: (i) recent trends in cross-border M&A; (ii) the motivations for European buyers to pursue cross-border acquisitions, especially in the US; (iii) the driving forces behind the recent surge in cross-border M&A; (iv) the stages in a cross-border acquisition and how both finance and strategy are integrally connected; (v) the alternative methods for valuing a potential acquisition target; (vi) the obstacles in consummating a cross-border acquisition; (vii) how post-acquisition management is directly related to the creation of value; (viii) the legal and institutional issues and how they apply to cross-border acquisitions.

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