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What is a Strategic Relationship Banker

What is a Strategic Relationship Banker

Relationship PyaramidWe use the term, “Relationship Banker”, to refer to any person at the Bank interacting directly with the customer – including relationship managers, product specialists, corporate sales professionals and many others.  Regardless of the specific product responsibility, Relationship Bankers represent the front line sales force for corporate banks pursuing a relationship strategy.

A Strategic Relationship Banker takes the relationship to a higher level.  These bankers not only break away from a transactional role, but they also relentlessly pursue “strategic business partner” status with their customers through the execution of the Optimal Relationship Building principles.

The Relationship Pyramid shown above is an important strategic tool used to assess the status of customer relationships and the quality of the conversation.  It is likely that a relationship banker may be shifting among different levels of the pyramid over time with the same customer (depending upon such factors as the customer’s situation, the decision maker, the product, etc.).  However, sales at the top of the pyramid will be more profitable, will be viewed as contributing more value and will lead to additional sales throughout every level of the pyramid.

The goal of FinQuest Programs is to help corporate bankers reach the top of the pyramid and to stay at the top of the pyramid in the minds of their customers.