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Strategic Relationship Banker Programs

Our flagship offering is the Strategic Relationship Banker Program for Corporate Bankers.  This program is a comprehensive system for the development of effective relationship managers and other product originators.  The program covers a broad range of topics critical to establishing strategic conversations with clients and to reinforce the principles of Optimal Relationship Building ("ORB").  The diagram below provides an overview of the program components.

In practice, this program is highly customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Contact Us today for more information.

Program Chart


Diagnosing Customer Needs:
Understanding Business and Financial Strategy

Raising Capital:
Funding the Business Strategy

Risk Management Solutions:
Hedging Unacceptable Risks

Advisory Solutions:
M&A and Financial Engineering

Strategic Client Development:
Critical Sales Practices/Processes


Using Corporate Valuation to Identify Opportunities

Corporate Finance Applications using Excel

Raising Capital:
Product Knowledge Boot Camps

Risk Management Solutions:
Product Knowledge Boot Camp

Mergers and Acquisitions

Debt and Capital Restructuring

Financial Engineering Applications

Advanced Sales Strategies: Preparing for a Strategic Conversation

Understanding Buyer Personalities: Mastering the Customer’s Purchase Cycle

Strategic Listening: Pathway to Interactive Diagnostics

Strategic Negotiations: Achieving a True Partnership

Advanced Intercultural Negotiations