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Entry Level Programs

In developing our programs for Analysts and Associates, we recognize the unique requirements of entry-level training for bankers.

The fundamental “skill list” included in most entry-level programs is relatively stable (for example, Financial Analysis and Accounting; Financial Modeling and Spreadsheet Skills; Financial Forecasting; Valuation; Capital Markets and Advisory Services; etc.). However, the approach and emphasis to this content may vary widely from program to program.

Importantly, new hires need content and practical knowledge which they can use right now – which prepares them for their next on-the-job assignment.

Similar to our relationship banker programs, the sessions in our Analyst and Associate Programs are designed to focus on a hierarchy of objectives:

Our programs for Analysts and Associates are highly customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Contact Us today for more information.


Corporate Finance Fundamentals

Business Strategy and Risk

Financial Strategy and Risk

Advanced Corporate Valuation

Using Corporate Valuation to Identify Opportunities

Cash Flow Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis

Intermediate Accounting Topics

Financial Projections and Modeling using Excel


Capital Markets Fundamentals

Raising Capital: Product Knowledge Boot Camps

Risk Management Solutions: Product Knowledge Boot Camp

Mergers and Acquisitions

Debt and Capital Restructuring

Financial Engineering Applications