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Our Clients - Testimonials

FinQuest Partners LLC ® has conducted professional education programs for thousands of bankers from many of the leading financial institutions around the world. Following are testimonials from a few of our clients.

"I have worked with FinQuest during many occasions in my banking career and have always found their insights most valuable. The approach adopted by FinQuest has allowed us to enhance relationships with numerous top corporate clients and to launch a capital markets origination business across the traditional product boundaries. Furthermore, the company’s experience as a strategy consultant has been a key lever to our ability to adjust our organizational approach to the business requirements of our clients."

Executive Head, Capital Markets Origination Group,
Major European Bank

"Our group shares a high opinion of the FinQuest team given your work on the Senior Management Workshop and with our relationship bankers earlier this year.  The workshops have created a strong momentum for our customer development initiatives, as well as bolstering our risk management efforts and our capital markets strategy throughout the bank."

Senior Vice President
Corporate Banking Division
Large US Bank

A description of a Bank Executive’s interaction with one of his Corporate Branch Managers who attended a FinQuest Partners LLC program for mid-market corporate bankers:

"I was told that he was very satisfied with the training, citing it ‘the most difficult but most interesting training in his whole career’; He also confirmed that he now understands what I suggested his team should do in connection with a client meeting that I attended a couple of months ago (“strategic conversations”), something they found difficult to understand whilst being in the traditional mindset.  We trust he will play a major role here…in adopting the new mindset.  I think this is the best acknowledgement that you guys can get from someone in the field."

Country Head,
Major European Bank

"FinQuest has great insight to help you discover what you can do to add value to customer relations and that those customers acknowledge the extra value received. FinQuest helped me create virtuous circles with my customers whereby mutual trust and profitability went hand in hand."

Regional Executive Sales Manager, Spain and Portugal,
Large European Re-Insurance Company