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The buzzwords of relationship banking are all too familiar. Front-line corporate bankers should be more consultative … should be more attuned to real business issues … must develop customized bank solutions for unique customer needs. While these are powerful ideas in theory, they have become quite flawed in practice.

Beyond the jargon, the real issue facing corporate banks all over the world is execution and performance.  Few enterprises execute the relationship strategy on a consistent and sustainable basis.  Moreover, despite good intentions and bank directives to apply relationship practices, many relationship bankers easily fall back into old habits based upon reactive and transactional behaviors.

That’s why it is critically important for corporate banks and their relationship bankers to develop the mindset, skills, behaviors and tool-set necessary: (i) to identify what creates value for each individual customer; (ii) to effectively deliver that value to the customer; and (iii) importantly, to optimize these customer relationships to boost the risk-adjusted profits to the bank.

At FinQuest Partners LLC, we are committed to assisting financial institutions with the seamless execution and the superb performance of a relationship strategy.  Specifically, we provide the training and the tools to help corporate bankers achieve financial success through customer analysis, business conversations and relationship-focused sales practices.

For example, our Strategic Relationship Banker program is a comprehensive system for the development of effective corporate bankers. By mastering the principles of Optimal Relationship Building ®, these bankers develop a true competitive edge in their markets.

For more than a decade, we have trained thousands of commercial and investment bankers from six continents around the world – with a focus on both large corporate and middle-market activities.  If you are interested in boosting your profitability through the execution of an intensely relationship-focused strategy, don’t wait to contact us at FinQuest Partners LLC.